Now with custom images!

Create custom imagepacks!

Preparing tool


FAKE-PROOF GENERATOR generates pictures with a text for you. They all look handwritten and you can use your very own images that you prepared beforehand!.

What are these pictures needed for?

Sone websites (eg. dating websites) want you to take a picture, holding a sign with a specific text, in order to verify your identity.

FAKE-PROOF GENERATOR lets you fake this "identity proving" image.


Stresstesting shell



What's UnknownSHELL?

UnknownSHELL is a stresstesting-shell. It's very easy to use and quite powerful. No complicated installation is required and the only thing you need is a webserver that runs PHP.

Other than other stresstesting-scripts our shell provides a very easy-to-use configuration file and a documentation. Either you can use your own webserver as a stresstest server or you can use it as a masterserver and let it control other UnknownSHELL servers.

How do I use UnknownSHELL?

To use UnknownSHELL just download the package from your website and upload it to your webserver. After that open "config.php" an enter your settings.


Basic PHP Obfuscator

Protect your code!

Single file only


SCRAMBLEPHP isa basic PHP obfuscator. It takes your PHP code and converts it in a way, thats unreadable for humans but executes the same way as the original.

Please not that this is not an encryption by any means and can still be de-obfuscated.

Why would I use an obfuscator?

By obfuscating your PHP script you can prevent others from simply opening your files in an editor and reading, modifying or copying your code.

This will not affect the executen of your code as long as all your code is contained within a single however.